Quick-installnation with five panels Dove Grey shower wall system

Quick-installnation with five panels Dove Grey shower wall system

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  • Easy & Quick-installnation, to be finish by DIY within two ours by yourslef only
  • Available in five premium finishes
  • Waterproof, fireproof and moisture proof  and high resistance to impact and chemicals
  • Side panels are designed with a beveled edge, which provides a clean finish to the outer edge
  • Walls can be cut to fit around either a shower or bathtub configuration
  • Can be installed over waterproof backer board or even tile
  • A Grout-Free Solution, allowing you to have the look of tile without the messy clean-up
  • Everything is shipped in one box: panels, optional edge and internal corner trim pieces, and double-sided construction
  • Say goodbye to mortar, messy grout, and time-consuming tiling for your bath and shower. Introducing the  Shower Wall System: A Grout-Free Solution! It only takes a few hours to measure, cut, and adhere to the wall, which makes this a perfect DIY project for most. Just 24 hours later, the walls will be cured and ready for use. With seven ultra-durable premium finishes, you’ll never find an easier or more affordable way to give your bath the stylish and dramatic makeover you’ve been dreaming of. Each waterproof panel is layered with a top clear coat that has multiple protective UV layers for wear and stain resistance. It is constructed of SPC Rigid Core board, a composite of natural marble powder and PVC powder, which provides durability while being environmentally friendly. Our Grout-Free Solution provides you with the look of tile, without the mess of installing or cleaning traditional tile. Long lasting textures that enhance the look of any shower with    sophisticated style. The Shower Wall System is easy and stress-free to install. Depending on which configuration you choose, an easy angle and lock system makes aligning the back wall panels a breeze. This technology will provide you with a seamless finish that offers our Grout-Free Solution to be used across all configurations in the line.

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